Monthly Feature

How to Play Against Someone Who Spins the Ball

Those pesky tennis players with such beautiful ball control, smooth strokes, good footwork and tricky spin… Do you ask yourself, “How ever do I play against them?” When you diagnose the problem, it’s quite simple actually, once you know these two secrets. Secret #1: Wait until the ball is past the top of the arch […]


4 Secrets to Get Your Dropshot to Go Where You Want

Last month I had someone write in asking for advice on how to better calibrate their drop shot. Unless you’re a nationally ranked player, (and even then!) I’m sure you can relate to having days (or… ahem… entire pickleball careers) when you can’t seem to get the darn ball over the net from the back […]

Top 3 Reasons You MUST Play at The No-Volley Line

If you want to improve your game (and not just keep beating the same people you always beat) you HAVE to get up to the kitchen and play from right behind the no-volley line. You life-long tennis players — Yes, I’m talking to you! You’re not playing tennis anymore, and although the racket-skills you developed […]